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glacio Ice Cube Trays Silicone with Lids

glacio Ice Cube Trays Silicone with Lids
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Multi-Use, Easy Pop Silicone Trays

Are you tired of cheap plastic ice cube trays that lead to sticky, chipped and uneven ice cubes no matter what you try?

You’ll never go back again – glacio brings you a set of 2 premium silicone trays that redefines what it means to ‘just make ice’.

Versatile Functionality

glacio’s ultra-modern ice tray opens up the doors of potential far beyond simple frozen water – enjoy delicious options for iced cocktails & beverages, frozen fruit juice & popsicle creations, easy pre-made baby food portions, extra Java-infused cubes for iced coffee & much more!

Silicone Design for Easy Push Release Every Time

Don’t get stuck bending, breaking, cracking & whacking your old plastic ice trays in the desperate hopes of salvaging a few shards of broken ice.

glacio ice cube trays silicone design allows for easy push release every time – simply turn your tray around and pop the cube right out.

Convenient Lid for Simple Stacking & Storage

Each of our silicone ice cube trays comes with its own lid that keeps freshness sealed in and unwanted odors & tastes sealed out.

Makes for simple stacking and storage wherever fits easiest in your freezer.

Non-Toxic BPA Free

Flexible ice cube tray is Non-Toxic, BPA-Free and 100% Dishwasher Safe.