Welcome to a new age of ice.

Serve up a classy twist to your beverages with Glacio’s BPA free, silicone, square, and spherical ice molds. It’s the little things in life that count.

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Add a splash of pizzazz to every drink

Our silicone molds create translucent cubes, 2-inch square ice, and 2.5-inch round ice bubbles. Make your beverages dazzling and refreshing with Glacio’s long-lasting ice.

A new age of ice.

Fill, freeze, enjoy with Glacio’s premium ice molds and trays.

BPA free and 100% safe for freezing liquids like juice, soup, and even baby food. 

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Impress your guests with a classy take on whiskey, your favorite cocktail, or any beverage you like.

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Our ice molds melt slowly, won’t dilute your drink, and keeps them cold longer.

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Mix it up and enjoy!

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